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Oh It’s On! Three Cheers for Books and Beer. Father’s Day 2009.

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3641298355_9d6b2eb115The party has started. 3642112954_e35dd14586Rice Village Sidewalk Sale Days.




3641299587_f64bb2d507Bright Sky.

Picture 3Stop by!


The Warehouse Finally Opens Up & Gives Dads a Great Big Hug!

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Here’s the thing. Our warehouse has intimacy issues. It’s true. We’ve been talking to it for months, begging it to open up, share its every thought and feeling about things…

But no. Nothing.

It’s just looked at us with its spacious eyes…its cold, smart, enormous brain full of awesomeness…yet, nothing. It just would not share its innermost everything with the world.

Until now.


Father’s Day. (Or, a few before, whatevs) With Father’s Day packages.

Clearly it’s realized that it has some intimacy issues with its own steel eyed, metal roofed forebearer. Issues that need working through. Like now.

In other words, don’t blink, the warehouse is open.

Open with deep gives and major sharing for Father’s Day and Rice Village Sidewalk Sale Days.

So drop by. Grab a cold Shiner (Shiner helps one become more open. Or so we’ve heard.), and take advantage of some major book bargains. We’re talking like 40%! -1

5416 Chaucer Dr. (right behind Ruggles Cafe Bakery on Rice) 713.533.9000Picture 3

We’ll all be here basking in the openness while it lasts!

Books are the Ties of the 70s, the Grills of the 80s, and the Gift Cards of the 90s

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Seriously, books are it this year. Inspired by this cool post from Alpha Mom about what dads really want for Father’s Day, we asked several dads what they were wishing for this year. The number one answer: time doing something fun with their kids. Which brings up the question: Aren’t dads just  awesome? Answer: Heck yes they are!!!

A number of them also had cool books on their list (because dads are smart!). And we think that’s lovely. A book is such a gift of experience and adventure. New thoughts. New ideas. Timeless treasures bound up in a package. Fantastic.

So we decided to put together some super cool little packages for our favorite dads. We put together six themed packages of three or more books and priced them at 40% off. Hey, why not? It’s for the dads. Our dads! So whatever kind of dad your dad is, we’ve got you covered…

…whether he is a Baseball-Loving Father,

a Cowboy-Loving Father,

a Beer-n-Barbecue-Loving Father,

a Politics-Loving Father,

Picture 1

an All-Things-Western-Loving Father,

or a Food-n-Wine-Loving Father.


You can see all the packages here.


You can create your own package.  Just visit our website, select the books you want, and based on the number of books you are ordering, enter one of the following promotion codes at checkout:

Buy 1 book, save 25%!: BUYONE060909
Buy 2 books, save 30%!: BUYTWO061009
Buy 3 or more books, save 40%!: BUYALL061109


And want to try to win a package of your choice? Just leave a comment below. We’ll draw a winner next Tuesday, so we can get your choice in the mail to you by the big day!

So join us in celebrating awesome dads everywhere! And here’s to a tie-less, gift-card-less Father’s Day! If the want to grill, fine. We can handle that.

Hello! We’re Bright Sky Press. And We Make Fine Books.

Posted in Uncategorized by brightskypress on June 9, 2009

Hi there! We’re totally new to Blogsylvania. We know. We’re a bit fashionably late to the party. And now The New York Times says we won’t be around for long. But we know much, much better. Because they also say books won’t be around. And that’s beyond crazy.

All this talk about technology killing publishing is the craziest thing we’ve heard.

Because technology is promoting publishing. Every time anyone pushes “publish” on a blog, or tweet, or update anywhere, they’re publishing. And we think that is fantastic. The more publishing of ideas, and art, and design, and words, all the better.

Right here, right now, on this blog forevermore, we too are promoting publishing.

We can’t wait to see what we’ll all be talking about next.